How do we know if our school or organization is a good fit for this show?
We determine which schools and organizations we want to partner with based on the number of motivated ticket sellers you have. We know from experience about 25%-40% of available ticket sellers will actually actively sell tickets. Of those who sell, some will sell well over 20 while some will only sell 1 or 2. Because of this we want to make sure you have a large enough base of motivated ticket sellers.

How much does it cost for Raise The Funds to partner with our school?
There are no upfront costs for our fundraising program. We will evaluate your organization's size, goals, and enthusiasm, and if we determine our fundraiser is a good fit for you we will provide the necessary capital to cover all costs, including your marketing materials, entertainment fees and all travel expenses.

What are ticket prices?

Ticket prices are usually between $15 and $30 depending on the demographics of your community and the amount of tickets you believe you can sell. We will discuss the pricing options with you and determine what makes the most sense for your event.

How many tickets do we need to sell?

The number of tickets you need to sell depends on how much your tickets are. It is safe to assume in order for us to have a successful fundraiser you should be able to sell at least 400 tickets.

How much money can we raise?
The amount of money you can raise with our program depends on how motivated your group is to sell tickets. A simple equation to give you an estimate of what your potential is would be to multiply the number of tickets you think you can sell by the ticket price you want to sell them for and then divide by 2. For example, if your school or organization has 500 members and 200 actively sold tickets for $20. With little effort they could each sell 5 tickets to themselves, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, co-workers etc. Your organization could easily profit over $10,000 in a single evening. If you decided to take advantage of our program sponsorship opportunity, included a raffle or silent auction, sold some concessions, etc. you could realistically raise over $12,000.

What if we don't have an auditorium or gymnasium?
If you do not have access to an auditorium or gymnasium we suggest you contact local theaters, community centers, fire halls, church activity centers, etc. and see if they would be willing to allow your event to be hosted their for free or at a discounted price.

What if our auditorium is small?
We would like the auditorium to be able to seat at least 300 people. Often we can reach our sales goal by having two shows in one evening or even on back to back nights.

How far in advance do we need to book the show?
We need to have our standard fundraiser agreement signed at least 60 days prior to the event. However we recommend booking the show as soon as possible in order to secure a prime date most advantageous for success.

How do you get people on stage to volunteer?
Michael asks for volunteers out of the audience. No one is required to participate and no one will be hypnotized against their will. Most nights there are far too many volunteers than there is space on stage and there has never been a show without enough volunteers.

Is the show family friendly?
Absolutely. Michael tailors his show to ensure it is appropriate for all ages. What many people find surprising is how much the show is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. We proudly guarantee that 5 year-olds will enjoy the show just as much as 75 year-olds, as well as everyone in between.

Why "Hypnotized with Michael C. Anthony"?
If you haven't already seen Michael perform on TV or at one of his live shows you are truly going to be amazed. He is extremely charismatic and his stage presence and command of his art will have you captivated from the moment he takes the stage. Using his mastery of hypnosis and comedic genius he transforms volunteers from the audience (often your friends and family) into one of the funniest shows you will ever see live. Audiences young and old will stare in amazement and laugh out loud as Michael will soon have volunteers dancing uncontrollably, singing at the top of their lungs, hiding from imaginary snakes, and much, much, more! There is a reason why VH1 calls him "The best stage hypnotist in the planet" and his show boasts a 95% re-booking rate.

How do we sell tickets?
Tickets can be sold online through our website or in person with cash or check. You will work closely with one of our show producers who will help guide you every step of the way. We will also provide custom marketing materials to help you promote the show, including posters, flyers, tickets, videos, a facebook page, press releases, and more. Our ticketing system allows us to track every ticket that is sold so if there is more than one group selling tickets you can divide proceeds proportionality based on performance.

Are there prizes to help motivate ticket sellers?
We usually incorporate a number of prizes throughout the sales process to help incentivize students along the way. These prizes can include an iPod Touch or Nano, Best Buy gift Cards, Starbucks gift cards, pizza parties, etc. We will discuss these opportunities with you and decide what will motivate the sales force most effectively.

“The fundraising process could
not have been easier. We will
definitely do this again."
-Lower Merion High School

"A huge success. The best show
we have ever had.”
-Brockton High School
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