Hypnotized Live LogoHYPNOTIZED LIVE! may just be the funniest show you have ever seen. It is the critically acclaimed hypnotic masterpiece where 30 willing volunteers from the audience get hypnotized to believe the most impossible suggestions you can imagine.

Volunteers will forget their own names, they will have hallucinations, experience amnesia and so much more.  Hypnotized Live is a hilarious blend of the human psyche and interactive theater. It must be seen to be believed.

Hypnotized Live is also the ultimate High School Fundraiser. Does your group or team need to raise a lot of money quickly and with ease? Our powerful fundraising platform will help you reach your financial goals, often in a matter of hours. You’ll quickly see why this is considered the most efficient High School Fundraiser available today.

We cover all upfront costs so there is no risk for you. Together we can raise $10,000 – $20,000 or more, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Contact us now to get started.

michaelcanthonyThe fundraiser is combined with the most hilarious, mind boggling show your donors will ever see. Hypnotized Live stars famed hypnotist Michael C. Anthony. VH-1 calls Michael “The best stage hypnotist on the planet.” He has been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC & Fox. He is also “The Hypnotist” in the world famous touring show, The Illusionists.

Michael says, “It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Your organization raises a lot of money quickly while your donors get to see a show that they will never forget. I love to see high school groups reach their financial goals while donors and supporters have the time of their lives.”

For more information, click the fundraiser page  and the  FAQ page.  Then contact us here and we’ll help you get things rolling quickly.