Why is this the Ultimate High School Fundraiser?

Raise the Funds has created the ultimate fundraiser because traditional fundraising methods are too much work and don’t raise enough money.

Gone are the days of selling chocolate, candles and scratch off tickets.
Gone are the days of sending out an army of sellers to collect cash and place orders.
Gone are the days of high maintenance, boring fundraisers.

Our fundraiser is fast, fun and digitally driven.
You can raise a LOT of money, often in a matter of hours.
The tickets are sold well in advance with our state of the art ticketing system.
And the main event, Hypnotized Live, is a hilarious show your supporters will never forget!

How do we know if our High School / Group is a good fit for the fundraiser?

We determine which schools and groups we want to partner with based on the number of motivated ticket sellers you have. If you have over 30 sellers, GREAT! If you have 50 sellers, FANTASTIC. If you have 50 or more? WOW!

Another consideration is your venue. Is it a theater? A Gymnasium? The bigger, the better.

What are the upfront costs associated with hosting the fundraiser?

There are no upfront costs. If we decide to partner together, Raise The Funds will provide the necessary capital to cover all costs, including your marketing materials, entertainment fees and all travel expenses.

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices are usually $20-$25 depending on the demographics of your community and the amount of tickets being sold. We will discuss the pricing options with you and determine what makes the most sense to reach your goals.

How are tickets sold?

Your group of motivated sellers will get together for a Raise The Funds Fundraising Kick off. We will supply marketing materials, scripts, links, graphics and videos. Your sellers will access their social media network and kick off the event then and there. Those that buy tickets will be excited about attending the show and be happy to support your fundraiser With a motivated group of sellers, it is entirely possible to sell all the tickets in a matter of hours or even add a second show or third show.

How do we track ticket sales and income?

You will have constant access to our ticketing software and have the ability to check in real time whenever you’d like.

How does our organization receive the funds?

We take pride in sending your funds to you as quickly as possible. You will receive your funds 3 business days after the show. We will either send you a check or provide a direct deposit to a verified account.

Is the show family friendly?

Absolutely. Michael tailors his show to ensure it is appropriate for all ages. Audiences young and old will stare in amazement and laugh out loud as Michael will soon have willing volunteers dancing uncontrollably, singing at the top of their lungs, hiding from imaginary snakes, and much, much, more! There is a reason why VH1 calls him “The best stage hypnotist on the planet.” Your supporters will laugh about this show for years to come!